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WattleAcacia longifolia subsp. longifolia

Sydney Golden Wattle at EDM Private Property

Acacia longifolia subsp. longifolia at EDM Private Property - 4 Aug 2018

Identification history

Wattle Acacia longifolia subsp. longifolia 8 Aug 2018 JackieMiles136
Wattle Acacia sp. 8 Aug 2018 BettyDonWood745
Unidentified 4 Aug 2018 Evelynm


BettyDonWood745 wrote:
   8 Aug 2018
Acacias can be extraordinarily difficult to ID from photos. There are a lot of species that this is not, and some it might be, but without knowing eg how many individual flowers are in the heads, and without good photos of the front and back of a leaf showing the veins, hairiness if present, and the gland(s) if present, it is not possible for me to say what it is.
JackieMiles136 wrote:
   8 Aug 2018
With the advantage of being down on the coast and knowing what is currently flowering, I'm happy to call this one longifolia. Flowers are rod type, phyllodes are the right shape, and general form of the plant looks good for that species. But Betty's right, some close-up shots would be helpful in general.
BettyDonWood745 wrote:
   8 Aug 2018
I did not pick up that the flower heads were rod shaped. That was what threw me. I thought they looked round from the photo.
plants wrote:
   8 Aug 2018
Happy with A. longifolia longifolia.
Evelynm wrote:
   10 Aug 2018
Thanks Betty and Jackie for educating me on what is required to make identification easier. I will endeavour to capture more detail as advised next time.
JackieMiles136 wrote:
   11 Aug 2018
Yeah, not always easy using just a phone. It seems like it can be hard to get them to focus on close-up shots - they often want to go for the background. You could try sticking a hand in there to give it something more definite to focus on, then whisk it out at the last minute.

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Location information

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 4 Aug 2018 1:36 PM Recorded on
  • Evelynm Recorded by
  • Mobile app Reported via
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