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NSWBionetAtlas NSWBionetAtlas89.6K

89638 sightings
Charles Dove Charles Dove2.4K

BirdButterflyDragonLegless Lizard/GeckoMonitorSkinkSnake
2396 sightings
BettyDonWood BettyDonWood764

Author of local field guides

764 sightings
Gaia Gaia730

730 sightings
Dusty Dusty366

366 sightings
Stewart Stewart270

270 sightings
Nicholas de Jong Nicholas de Jong263

Climber / MistletoeGrassDaisyLily & IrisOrchidPeaOther WildflowerGum TreeWattleOther TreeOther ShrubFerns and ClubmossesRush / Sedge
263 sightings
JackieMiles JackieMiles137

137 sightings
MaxCampbell MaxCampbell121

121 sightings
HarveyPerkins HarveyPerkins113

113 sightings
Margot Margot

Koala-ity person!

91 sightings
nickhopkins nickhopkins

Tree hollows
87 sightings
Mike Leggett Mike Leggett

PlantAnt / Bee / Wasp
56 sightings
jbromilow50 jbromilow50

54 sightings
CBrandis CBrandis

52 sightings
CBrandis CBrandis

52 sightings
michaelb michaelb

CNM administration, nature artist and active member of Friends of Grasslands.

49 sightings
Jennyncmg Jennyncmg

43 sightings
Margieras Margieras

35 sightings
mjjefferis mjjefferis

31 sightings
Leo Leo

28 sightings
roymcd roymcd

28 sightings
Jorj Jorj

26 sightings
JoelP JoelP

25 sightings
Winston Winston

24 sightings
SuzieH SuzieH

23 sightings
Marg Marg

19 sightings
Nivlek Nivlek

17 sightings
AaronClausen AaronClausen

Founder of CNM and NatureMapr.

15 sightings
HelenR HelenR


12 sightings
CRSImages CRSImages


11 sightings
Evelynm Evelynm

10 sightings
Firetail Firetail


9 sightings
Suemeade Suemeade

9 sightings
MeenaS MeenaS

8 sightings
MeenaS MeenaS

8 sightings
Megan123 Megan123

8 sightings
Brigitte Brigitte

6 sightings
DerekC DerekC

6 sightings
eamon.hanrahan eamon.hanrahan

5 sightings
Firegirl54 Firegirl54

5 sightings
ibaird ibaird

Member Canberra Ornithologists Group, Birdlife Australia, Ecologists Society of Australia.

5 sightings
Karen Davis Karen Davis

5 sightings
RoyandJenny RoyandJenny

5 sightings
Twobob Twobob

5 sightings
MBurston MBurston

4 sightings
GregThompson GregThompson

Nasty Weeds and Pests
3 sightings
JohnBundock JohnBundock

3 sightings
MaggieJ MaggieJ

ParrotPigeon / DoveWater & Shore birdOther - smaller than magpieOther - magpie or larger
3 sightings
MatthewFrawley MatthewFrawley

With COG, FoG, Mt Taylor ParkCare Group & Save the Murrumbidgee River Corridor

3 sightings

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